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Professor of Law - Faculty of Law - University of Milan, Italy

Contact : Silvio Ferrari
Tél. : 39.02.50312496

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Thèmes de recherche

Law and Religion in the European legal systems
Legal status of Islam in Europe
Religious Liberty and Human Rights
Comparative Law of Religions
Relations between Israel and the Vatican

Choix de publications


Introduzione al diritto comparato delle religioni, Bologna, il Mulino, 2008, 242 p. (a cura di)

Law and Religion in Post-Communist Europe, with W. Cole DURHAM, Jr. and Elizabeth A. SEWELL (ed.), Leuven, Peeters, 2003, 427 p.

Lo spirito dei diritti religiosi. Ebraismo, cristianesimo e islam a confronto, Bologna, il Mulino, 2002, 300 p.

Islam and European Legal Systems, with Anthony BRADNEY (ed.), Dartmouth, Ashgate, 2000, 203 p.

Diritto e religione in Europa occidentale, with Iván C. IBÁN, Bologna, Il Mulino, 1997, 202 p.


« State regulation of religion in the European democracies : the decline of the old pattern », in Gabriel MOTZKIN, Yochi FISCHER (ed.), Religion and democracy in contemporary Europe, London, Alliance Publ. Trust, 2008, p. 103-112.

« Islam in the European Union : What’s at Stake in the Future ? », with Felice DASSETTO and Brigitte MARÉCHAL (ed.), European Parliament, Study IP/B/CULT/IC/2006_061, May 2007, p. 175.

« States and Religious Communities in Italy », in International Conference on Comparative Constitutional Law 2005, Church and State towards Protection for Freedom of Religion, Tokyo, The Japanese Association of Comparative Constitutional Law, 2006, p. 204-230.

« The Secularity of the State and the Shaping of Muslim Representative Organizations in Western Europe », in Jocelyne CESARI, Sean McLOUGHLIN(ed.), European Muslims and the Secular State, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2006, p. 11-23.

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